Healing Testimonies

Granville, Atherton
About 7 years ago I began to suffer from terrifying panic attacks and health anxiety which ruined almost every day of my life. I spent a lot of money on different treatments which had only a small and short lived effect.
Desperate for a cure, I visited the Manchester MBS to see if I could find help there. After trying many of the things available and talking to many people I came accross the stand called ” Healing like Jesus “. My sister wanted a look at it but I said “no way, it’s the god squad let’s keep away, it’s a con, they will try to suck you in and convert you.” After much persuasion I went to see what was going on and soon found myself sitting on a chair between two people who began to speak healing over my neck injury, and my finger injury, and even prayer to help my work. I thought they were nuts but my neck and finger immediately began to improve and even when I went home the phone was ringing and I was busier that month than ever before.
To cut a long story short, I experienced healing that was unexplainable! My sister had healing, some friends had healing and in the two years that have followed, my panic attacks are almost non existant and the anxiety improved beyond anything the doctor could provide. No one converted me to Christianity but I did discover a Jesus who is a wonderful healer. I have seen so many genuine healings that there can be no co incidence or trickery.
Gary, Warrinton
In 1984 I was involved in an industrial accident that damaged my spine, it should have killed me. 2 tonne of aluminium swinging from a crane struck me at full speed whilst I had my back against a frame made off steel girders. By 2000 I was retired on medical grounds as my back has deteriorated and medical science could not fix me.

I have since tried just about every form of alternative healing that there is none of which has made any long term difference except to make me poorer. My wife Ros told me she had found this guy she wanted me to see for one last try a Christian healer, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see him as I did not believe but she persisted as only Ros can.

Stefan explained to me the concept of God’s Grace and showed me the errors of what I had thought I knew about Christianity and asked me to open my mind to the truth. The healing he gave me (free) helped enormously and he asked me to run around the room, I thought he was mad but decided to have a little faith and found that I could do it. I don’t know who was more amazed Ros or me.

Ros has always believed but it was not until I found faith that I realised had been looking for it for most of my life.
Gary Alcock
A Testimony from Prague

I had problems with my spine disks for several years. Lately I thought that those cracking sounds must hear even people around me!

After praying Stefan asked people who feel a diference to go forward. I felt heat in the discs area and had a feeling of a surgery so I went forward. Stefan asked me how much can I feel the difference, it was about 30%. So he prayed for me and touched the discs area several times. It got better and I was experiencing much more freedom at home, there was no cracking sound and no pain! It still lasts!

I also got an inner peace and assurance that I do not need to be fearfull about my future and healing from wounds caused by negative words from my parents.

I’m also thankful for prophetic words about my gifts which I take as God’s encouragement – “use them, it is from me, I count on you”.

Eventhough I went meny times alredy to receive my healing this weekend was an important milestone in my life. Praise you Lord! Thank You!

From Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition, Manchester October 2008
In 2004 when we did our very first Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition in Manchester we met a wonderful lady from Wales. After the event she came to our home for some private counselling. It turned out that she had had 2 miscarriages and could not concieve anymore. In this afternoon Stefan prophecied that she would have children. Well she visited us again this year AND she has got 2 lovely boys 21 months and 4 months old!!!
In England at a meeting in London, healing was spoken over a boy who had trouble walking and running because one leg was 2 inches shorter than the othr AND his foot was 2 sizes smaller than the other – during the meeting the boy’s leg grew, he ran around until exhausted and then complained that his toes were hurting because his foot was growing! In the same meeting they witnessed a lady whose hernia disappeared whilst in the Glory of God
Nuernberg, Germany
A young lady during a time of singing spiritual worship realised that the skin disease she had had for years on her hands was disappearing. The sking started to peel and within minutes she had brand new skin on her hands!
Stuttgart, Germany
In the same meeting Stefan had a word of ‘knowledge’ that there was somebody in the place who had problems with their bones and had done since childhood. A young man (19) came forward who from birth on had not had straight shin bones. He had healing spoken over him and in approx. 20 minutes his legs were completely straight!