From time to time we offer a number of free seminars about ‘Christ Centred Living’ and ‘Healing Like Jesus’.
You may also find us at exhibitions and fairs such as the ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’ in London and Manchester.
Here you will find the information needed if you wish to attend any seminar we are currently running or healing meetings planned. If you would like to have direct information sent to you please sign up for our regular newsletter by emailing us directly at

Past seminars have included…
The secrets of the first Christian healers.
Dreams and visions – the Jesus way.
Angels amongst us.
Becoming a Christ centred healer
Letting God take control over your life
Freedom from curses and witchcraft; but how?
Many of these themes will now be covered in our video section so please sign up for more information.
Invite Stefan Driess as a speaker.

If you would like to invite Stefan Driess as a speaker of one of these subjects please send us an email with the subject ‘Invitation to Speak’.
We will then send you some more information.